This week in WWE GIFs: Bobby Roode’s face of fear, Big E’s uncontrollable laughter and more

Strowman vs. Roode

As WWE Money in the Bank draws near, emotions are at an all-time high. Ladders have been smashed, briefcases have been retrieved and contracts have been signed as the June 17 event inches closer. With passions running hot, the GIFs practically made themselves this week. There’s plenty of new GIF goodness uploaded to WWE’s official GIPHY channel, which powers platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, Slack and Tinder, among others. Scroll down to check out the newest additions, and see which one best fits your mood!

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Roode’s face of fear

Bobby Roode thought he had one-upped Braun Strowman by putting a ladder in between he and The Monster Among Men. The Glorious One was in for a rude awakening when Strowman smashed through the ladder with ease. If you saw this ridiculous display of brute force happen in front of you, what would your reaction be?


Big E can’t contain the laughter

The New Day pulled one over on The Miz Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, getting the unknowing A-Lister to dip his hand into a top hat filled with pancake batter. The prank was so good that Big E couldn’t hold back his laughter, as seen in this entrancing GIF.


No Taco Tuesdays on Raw

Baron Corbin revealed that he has been named Constable of Raw on Monday and quickly established that fun won’t be easy to find when he’s around. Corbin put a quick end to Curt Hawkins’ attempted taco giveaway (and streak-ending match), then dumped a table of tacos on him for good measure. If your anger has you wanting to flip a table (or if you’re not a taco person), this is the GIF for you.


Nakamura needs a nap

The King of Strong Style may have been the last man standing during Tuesday’s contract signing for the WWE Championship Match at WWE Money in the Bank, but he seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep before perking up to provoke AJ Styles. This big yawn is perfect for showing when work or school has you beat down at the end of a long week.


Nikki Cross: motivator?

Need a little encouragement to make big moves in life? Nikki Cross has you covered. Though she was daring NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler to take a swing at her, Cross’ exclamation is just the inspiration you need.


Are you kidding me?

It didn’t take long for Baron Corbin to go mad with power as the Constable of Monday Night Raw. Corbin watched Bayley insert herself illegally into a Six-Woman Tag Team Match, then was exasperated with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle’s inaction. Frustrated with your co-workers? The Constable has you covered with this GIF.



Asuka and Sonya Deville had the same idea during their battle on SmackDown LIVE. Unfortunately, this standoff didn’t end with someone getting a Coke. Two simultaneous kicks resulted in two dizzied competitors who were sure to have throbbing headaches afterward.


Mustafa Ali’s daredevil DDT

The action was out of this world on 205 Live Tuesday night, and that’s perhaps exemplified best by this unreal diving tornado DDT to the arena floor by Mustafa Ali during his thrilling battle with Buddy Murphy.


Is Finn Bálor money?

The Extraordinary Man who does Extraordinary Things lived up to that title once again on Raw, crushing Kevin Owens with a Coup de Grace off a ladder. Finn Bálor followed up by scaling back up the ladder and removing the Money in the Bank briefcase. Could he have been providing the WWE Universe a look into the future?


Why not both?

Asuka couldn’t decide if she wanted to beat up Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville, so The Empress of Tomorrow opted to take them both on in a 1-on-2 Handicap Match. If you’re feeling a little indecisive, let this Asuka GIF help you pick the best of both worlds!


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