Triple H's biker shorts, explained

Triple H's biker shorts, explained

If there was one image on the Oct. 17 Raw that stuck with the WWE Universe almost as much as Goldberg’s return, it was the throwback clip of Triple H battling the former World Heavyweight Champion … in a pair of biker shorts.

They weren't just a fashion statement. In fact, the gear was custom-created for The Game in 2003 to help him walk while recovering from a torn groin from a previous match with Goldberg. Not only were the shorts a dramatic departure from Triple H's signature trunks, they were so constricting that multiple people had to help him get into the shorts before he competed. When footage of the compression shorts resurfaced, the look became an instant social media hot-topic during a Raw that held no shortage of them.

If the sight of The Game in the compression shorts has you feeling particularly nostalgic, then check out this clip of the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Unforgiven 2003, which culminated in Goldberg defeating The King of Kings for the prestigious title. Watch the full match here on WWE Network, and tune in to Survivor Series Sunday, Nov. 20 to see if Goldberg can defeat Brock Lesnar for another monumental victory.

Goldberg vs. Triple H - World Heavyweight Championship Match: Unforgiven 2003

Goldberg and Triple H clash over the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven 2003.

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