Celebrate Thanksgiving with Gobbledy Gooker and food fight GIFs on WWE’s GIPHY channel

WWE Thanksgiving on GIPHY

Thanksgiving is upon us, and now the WWE Universe can celebrate with a new collection of GIFs featuring WWE’s biggest turkey: The Gobbledy Gooker! The GIF set is now available on WWE’s GIPHY channel. GIPHY is the largest online GIF search engine, powering apps like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Tinder, Whatsapp, Gmail and more!

Click here to check out the Thanksgiving GIFs

Before the WWE Universe sits down for dinner, they can express themselves with GIFs of The Gobbledy Gooker, including his unusual hatching at Survivor Series 1990, the turkey hanging out with legendary Superstars like Koko B. Ware and Tugboat, and going to work at WWE Headquarters. Plus, you’ll get to see more Thanksgiving moments like The New Day’s potluck dinner and some of WWE’s biggest food fights!

Check them out now at GIPHY.com/WWE and express yourself today!

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