Celebrate 20 years of SmackDown with new book

Celebrate 20 years of SmackDown with new book

Celebrate the history of SmackDown with “WWE SmackDown: 20 Years and Counting,” featuring spectacular full-color photographs from WWE's archive capturing the most unforgettable moments inside the ring and behind the scenes. Readers will relive the greatest moments, biggest Superstar debuts, iconic matches and celebrity appearances.

This action-packed anniversary edition features the inaugural episode of SmackDown where The Rock battled Triple H for the WWE Championship as well as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin brawling with Booker T in a supermarket, and much more.  Key moments like these are explored in depth, alongside the famous debuts of John Cena and Rey Mysterio in 2002 and unforgettable rivalries such as The Undertaker vs. Kane.

Packed with vital stats and information on your favorite WWE Superstars, plus a foreword by The Undertaker, “WWE SmackDown: 20 Years and Counting” is available now and a must have for all WWE fans.

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