Several Superstars pay respects to Antonio "Discovery" Corona in moving tribute


Luchador legend and trainer Antonio “Discovery” Corona, a high-flying trailblazer who greatly influenced WWE’s current luchadors and several other Superstars, passed away on May 15, 2020.

Several prominent WWE Superstars, including Kalisto, Joaquin Wilde and Mustafa Ali, sat down to pay respect to their mentor in a touching video tribute.

“You couldn’t be in a bad mood around ‘Discovery,’” Wilde said. “‘Discovery’ believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Ali, who was disappointed when he was merely an alternate in the first Cruiserweight Classic, recalled a conversation he had with “Discovery” shortly after receiving the news and stating that he may not go to the tournament.

“‘Discovery’ said ‘shut up and train,’” Ali said. “‘You should go because you never know.’ Today I’m able to provide for my family, I’m able to perform my dream job, and it’s because ‘Discovery’ told me to shut up and train.”

“‘Discovery’ will always be in my heart,” Kalisto said. “And I will never ever forget what he taught me, and I still use what he taught me to this day.”

Watch the WWE Performance Center’s heartwarming tribute to Antonio “Discovery” Corona below.

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