Saxon Huxley

Saxon Huxley

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 215 lbs.
From: Hartlepool, England
Signature Move: Shattered Illusions

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Nicknamed the “Muscle Cat,” Saxon Huxley trained under Lance Storm, The Brian Kendrick and British wrestling legend Marty Jones. The 29-year-old boasts seven years of in-ring experience and believes greatly in “high frequency” thinking — the idea that positive and inquisitive thoughts breed success. The Hartlepool, England native meditates twice each day to stay focused.

That mental preparation helps him submit his opponents with a combination of a Canadian Back Cracker into a Boston Crab, called Shattered Illusions. It’s a fitting name, considering it’s exactly what’s in store for any competitor forced to line up across from Huxley.

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