Indie rock band The Mountain Goats release “Song for Sasha Banks” in tribute to The Boss

Song for Sasha Banks Mountain Goats song
The Mountain Goats finally fulfilled a promise made to Sasha Banks by releasing a new song inspired by The Boss.

Move over, Bruce Springsteen. There’s a new Boss that’s climbing the music charts.

On Monday, indie rockers The Mountain Goats released a new tune on Bandcamp called “Song for Sasha Banks.” The track was a surprise release for fans of the band and of Banks, but has actually been in the making for more than three years.

The story behind the song begins shortly after The Mountain Goats released “Beat the Champ,” their 2015 album that celebrates their true love of sports-entertainment. The group’s lead singer, John Darnielle, explained on Bandcamp how this unique tribute song came into existence.

“When Beat the Champ came out, a wrestler named Sasha Banks tweeted at me: ‘Where's my song, @mountain_goats?,’” Darnielle wrote. “As a territories guy I had to learn her story. I said I'd finish the song by the end of the tour; it took a little longer than that.”

Darnielle later explained that he decided to release the song after Banks’ performance in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday, and that her fighting spirit was proof that “the sky is the limit” for the former Raw Women’s Champion.

“Song for Sasha Banks” is available for purchase on Bandcamp and can be heard below.

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