Rusev issues bodyslam challenge for new Maserati

If you’re a WWE Superstar in the market for a Maserati GranTurismo who’s also known for your bodyslam acumen, boy, are you in luck. After teasing a big "announcement" yesterday on Twitter, resident League of Nations heavy-hitter and former U.S. Champion Rusev issued an open challenge to the WWE locker room over his account. He’s placing the keys to a Maserati on the line to any Superstar who can lift him up and slam him down.

No small amount of strength-inclined WWE Superstars will be expected to take the challenge — Ryback and Big Show are a couple of obvious candidates — but given that anything can happen in WWE, it’s a solid bet someone unexpected will take The Bulgarian Brute up on his offer. Suddenly, that image of El Torito peeling out in a sleek machine doesn’t sound so farfetched, does it? 

UPDATE: The Bulgarian Brute is fielding challenges on social media throughout the night. Follow WWE on Twitter to see who comes out on top.


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