Royal Rumble 2018 Travel Package Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Rumble 2018 Travel Package Frequently Asked Questions

When will individual tickets go on sale to the general public?
Individual tickets will go on sale on Saturday, July 29. Check back on for announcement of on sale dates for all related events.

Can I purchase a package without hotel accommodations?
All Travel Packages include hotel accommodations, with accessible rooms available upon request.  If you require an accessible room, please indicate the request with your order in the Special Requests section. At this time, we do not provide an option without hotel accommodations. 

What is the location of the hotel?
The precise location of the hotel will be provided to the main traveler at a later date. 

Can I extend my hotel stay?
You are welcome to extend your hotel stay or reserve additional rooms by contacting the hotel directly.  Requests should be made by the main traveler directly with the hotel.  Each hotel will confirm the separate reservations based on availability and charge the regular hotel rate directly to the main traveler

Can I confirm an additional hotel room?
If a second room is required, the main traveler will need to contact the hotel directly to confirm a separate reservation for the second room. Also, if guests are interested in extending their hotel stay, reservations for additional nights must also be confirmed as separate reservations directly with the hotel. If you require an accessible room and an adjoining room, then please indicate the request with your order in the Special Requests section. 

What are the check-in and check-out dates for the hotel accommodations?
3-Night Hotel Accommodations - Check-in Saturday, January 27, 2018 / Check-out Tuesday, January 30, 2018
4-Night Hotel Accommodations - Check-in Saturday, January 27, 2018 / Check-out Wednesday, January 31, 2018
The check-in and check-out times vary by hotel; however, hotels will hold guest’s luggage if room is not yet available.

Are packages available internationally?
Travel Packages are available for purchase to both domestic and international customers. 

Can we purchase a package over the telephone?
Travel Packages can only be purchased on Travel Packages are available now.

Can I use PayPal to purchase the packages?
PayPal is not an accepted form of payment.  At this time, the only acceptable forms of payment for Travel Packages are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Can I pay with more than one credit card?
Travel Packages must be paid in full using only one credit card.

Can I pay in installments?
Travel Packages must be paid in full.

Are the prices per person or are they the total package price?
The advertised prices are per person. Each person in your group would pay the same per person price.

Are there any additional costs?
The per person prices advertised within the Travel Packages include all taxes plus shipping & handling charges with the exception of any additional shipping fees associated with FedEx, such as customs or duty fees, usually applied to international shipments. 

Are Travel Packages refundable? 
Payment in full is due upon receipt. All monies processed are non-refundable once payments have been approved. 

What happens if I have to cancel after I already purchased the package?
As all Travel Packages are non-refundable, travel insurance is recommended in case of cancellation due to reasons, including, without limitation, family emergency, personal illness, etc. Travel Packages are transferrable provided the transferee agrees in writing to abide by the terms and conditions of the Travel Package.   

Are changes allowed to Travel Packages?
Change requests received after December 1, 2017 will be considered; however, depending on the type of request, may not be approved. Change requests for new shipping address will not be approved. If request for new shipping address is received after December 1, 2017, the Travel Package will automatically be shipped to the hotel not to the new shipping address.

If I purchase 1 Travel Package up to 4 people, will we be seated together?
Everyone within your Travel Package/group will be seated together at each ticketed event.

Can I be seated next to another Travel Package buyer?
You can email a seating request as soon as you receive your confirmation letter; however, seating will depend on availability.

Can I purchase a Travel Package for more than 4 people?
Each Travel Package can accommodate up to 4 people sharing 1 standard hotel room with a maximum of 2 beds per room.

What if I have more than 4 people in my group that want to buy a Travel Package?
You must purchase more than one Travel Package as each Travel Package can only accommodate up to 4 people sharing 1 room. For example: if you have 5 people, you can purchase 1 Travel Package for 3 people and 1 Travel Package for 2 people.

Is accessible seating available?
Accessible seating is available in the accessible seating areas designated by the venue. If you require such seating, please indicate the request on your order form by clicking Accessible Seating in the Special Accommodations section. Do not type an accessible seating request into the Special Requests section as it will not be valid. If accessible seating is not available after you click the request in the Special Accommodations section, you will receive an immediate notification. The notification will advise that accessible seating within the specific package type is sold out. We would recommend that you select a different package type as accessible seating may still be available within the other package types. 

Can I see a seating map for each event?
Seating maps are not available; however, Ticketmaster will post each seating map, including accessible seating, once individual tickets are on sale to the public.

How will the event ticket seats be assigned?
Seat locations (including section and row) will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, by Travel Package tier, in order in which Travel Package purchase is confirmed, not in order in which Travel Package purchase is submitted.

When will I receive an email confirmation?
You will receive an email confirmation of your order from the WWE Travel Package department within 5 business days after your purchase is confirmed.  The confirmation email will include further details about your order, including the date you will receive your tickets.

When will I know which seats I was assigned and when will I receive my tickets?
Travel Packages, containing all your event tickets, will be shipped four weeks prior to the event weekend. Seat assignments will not be available prior to the shipment of your Travel Package.

What is not included in Travel Packages?
Travel Packages do not include airline tickets. Travel Packages do not include hotel parking. Travel Packages do not include airport transfers. Travel Packages do not include ground transportation, unless specifically stated in the package descriptions. Travel Packages do not include any food or drinks (or allowances for food or drinks), unless specifically stated in the Travel Package descriptions. 

Can I buy a Travel Package with 3 Night Hotel Accommodations that includes Monday Night Raw ticket and SmackDown Live ticket?
Monday Night Raw ticket is only included with 3 or 4 night hotel accommodations. SmackDown Live ticket is only included with 4 night hotel accommodations

How do we get our collectible chair home?
Customers will be responsible, at their sole cost and expense, for transporting or shipping their collectible chair from the event to their residence. The airports require that the chairs be checked as baggage, they are not allowed to be carried on by TSA regulations. The chairs are the standard size of a metal folding chair, with approximate dimensions of 18.25”W x 19.75”D x 30.25”H, and weighing approximately 12 lbs.

What happens if the Travel Packages are changed?
WWE reserves the right to modify, or cancel the Travel Packages in its entirety, in any way it deems necessary or appropriate. Main travelers will be notified of such changes. The main traveler will be responsible for providing this information to guests within their group. If any portion of the Travel Package is modified, the modifications will be equal in value and refunds will not be issued. If Travel Packages are cancelled in its entirety, a full refund will be issued.  

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