Roman Reigns eclipses 1,000 days as champion

Reigns vs. Rhodes

For 1,000 days, Roman Reigns has been the unquestioned Head of the Table, reigning supreme over anyone who has dared to step up to him.

To put it mildly, no one is above The Tribal Chief, and no one is above Roman Reigns.

Since Payback 2020, when Reigns captured the Universal Title in a Triple Threat Match, The Head of the Table has not budged from his seat on the throne.

Many have tried to usurp The Tribal Chief, but all have failed. From dismantling his own cousin Jey Uso to stacking up Edge and Daniel Bryan in the Main Event of WrestleMania 37 and beating Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar on three separate occasions each, Reigns has looked unstoppable. During the second of those three meetings with Lesnar, Reigns took The Beast’s WWE Championship to add to his trophy collection.

The Head of the Table’s unbelievable reign has circumnavigated the globe as he overcame Drew McIntyre in Wales, Sami Zayn in Montreal, Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia and a score of Superstars stateside, most recently ruining the end of Cody Rhodes’ story when WrestleMania went Hollywood.

Since August of 2020, Reigns has been the one constant in WWE. On the main roster in that same timespan, there have been 68 title changes. 

Not many Superstars can claim they have been champion for more than 1,000 days. As such, Reigns joins a very small list that includes Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Pedro Morales and Hulk Hogan.

To date, WWE Hall of Famer Sammartino has the record as world champion in WWE, holding the WWE Title for 2,803 days. While Reigns has a way to go to surpass that legendary run, recent history has indicated that that could very well be a possibility.

Reigns’ mantra when he arrived in WWE in the summer of 2020 was Wreck Everyone and Leave. In his 1,000 days as Universal Champion, Reigns has left a collection of wrecked Superstars in his wake.

With the historic reign now reaching 1,000 days, there's only thing left to do - Acknowledge Him!

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