Last-minute Ringside Collectibles holiday gift ideas

Ringside Collectibles

Looking for some last-minute gifts for that WWE figure collector in your life? Look no further. Ringside Collectibles has you covered with tons of figures, rings, playsets and accessories, available at!

You’ll find everything from “The Man” Becky Lynch, new Elite Collection figures, NXT Superstars like Matt Riddle & Keith Lee to the Elimination Chamber and stretcher accessories! There's still time to get those gifts that will wow the kids and put smiles on collectors’ faces!

Ringside has the largest selection of wrestling figures and accessories on the internet, including exclusives available only at!

“Deadman's Revenge” (Undertaker as Kane) – WWE Elite Collection Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Undertaker as Kane

One of the hottest figures of this holiday season is The Undertaker as Kane Ringside Collectibles Exclusive. You get two figures for the price of one! Relive the moment The Undertaker posed as Kane in a match on Monday Night Raw, only to unmask and reveal it was The Deadman the whole time! The Undertaker features accurate makeup so he can keep his identity a secret!

Collector packaging shows the removable Kane mask and alternate Kane head as the eyes in the mask of The Big Red Machine Kane! Sporting classic red-and-black ring gear and interchangeable hand accessories, this figure is perfect for fans of both Brothers of Destruction.

Andrade – NXT Elite Collection Ringside Collectibles Exclusive


The first-ever Elite Collection Andrade is featured in NXT Takeover packaging and is only available as an exclusive Mattel figure from Ringside Collectibles! With the help of his business associate Zelina Vega, Andrade dominates his opponents on Raw, but it all began in NXT. Immortalizing Andrade's time spent in NXT, this spot-on figure has a bearded head sculpt and removable white fedora hat accessory. He alsoincludes white ring gear with long tights and knee pads with black fist designs. Andrade is rounded out with the NXT Championship!

Authentic Scale Ring

Authentic Scale Ring

You can't pit your WWE action figures against each other without a ring, so why not get the best one out there? It’s so big, it can hold more than 50 WWE action figures! The WWE Authentic Scale Ring from Wicked Cool Toys is perfectly scaled at 22.4 x 22.6 inches. An updated Raw brand ring skirt, as well as an updated SmackDown ring skirt, is included with this Ringside Collectibles Exclusive version! It includes high-gloss posts, ring steps, die-cast buckle connectors, a ring mat and WWE turnbuckles! The WWE Authentic Scale Ring allows you to recreate the non-stop action of WWE with absolute realism.

The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) “Brood” Elite Two-Pack, Wrestling Buddies and assorted action figures

Hardy Boyz at Ringside Collectibles

Team Extreme are one of the most popular WWE tag teams of all time. Whether as a duo, like the Exclusive Brood Hardy Boyz Elite 2-Pack with Classic World Tag Team Championships, or as solo competitors, The Hardy Boyz always shine! If you're shopping for a Hardy Boyz fan, then there's a version of Matt or Jeff for you here! Looking for someone to brawl with? Then check out the Matt & Jeff Wrestling Buddies, which are a throwback to the style of yesteryear. Speaking of throwbacks, Retro-style Mattel figures of both are also available!

Ringside Collectibles has so many options for singles figures of both Matt & Jeff. The Charismatic Enigma has face-painted figures, including his Elite Collection Series 71 figure that comes with 2 alternate heads. The Woken One has figures from WrestleMania, and even has a figure from the first and only Mattel release of the WWE ECW Championship.

WWE Elite Collection Series 74

WWE Elite Series 74

Mattel’s WWE Elite Collection Series 74 includes Finn Bálor, AJ Styles, Goldberg, Andrade, Lince Dorado and Natalya!

The leader of Bálor Club comes in red-and-white attire, which is perfectly themed for the holidays! He comes with extended, fanned out hands for his entrance and a fabric Bálor Club jacket!

The Phenomenal One is decked out in black and neon green attire, including entrance gear featuring alternate gloved hands and a vest. You can hear the chants when you say his name!

Goldberg’s Elite Collection Series 74 action figure dons the trunks he wore in WWE when he won the World Heavyweight Championship!

Andrade comes in full yellow-and-black gear and entrance jacket. He includes two sets of alternate hands, a face mask and compacted face mask accessory!

Natalya gets her first-ever Elite figure in this series. The deco on this figure is amazing, with silver studs all over her pink-and-black ring gear. She comes with an entrance jacket, alternate hands and a cat ears headband!

Lince Dorado represents Lucha House Party in black, blue and pink ring gear. Keep an eye out for the chase variant in gold ring gear! Both versions come with a Lucha House Party T-shirt and a piñata accessory!

WWE Elite Collection Series 73

WWE Elite Series 73

WWE Elite Collection Series 73 includes Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Aleister Black, Elias, Gran Metalik and Kairi Sane!

Daniel Bryan would like you to avoid needless consumption, but how could you avoid picking up his Elite Collection Series 73 figure featuring a new head scan, two sets of alternate hands and the organic WWE Championship?

Triple H is loaded with accessories, including a water bottle, alternate hands, a face mask and a vest with hood to intimidate his opponents.

Aleister Black’s figure has incredible tattoo detail. These colorful, intricate designs are all over, even on his alternate hands. He comes complete with horned entrance gear that will make opponents think twice before knocking on his door.

Are you prepared to “Walk With Elias” this holiday season? If so, pick up his new Elite Collection figure, featuring a scarf, Elias T-shirt, alternate hands and a guitar!

The onetime Pirate Princess gets her first-ever figure in Elite Collection Series 73! Kairi Sane’s accessories include a pirate hat, fully extended periscope, pirate ship helm and full-length coat!

Lucha House Party is represented in Elite Collection Series 73 with Gran Metalik in a gold entrance jacket! His first-ever figure features blue gear — but keep an eye out for the chase variant in black gear!

WWE Elite Collection Series 72

WWE Elite Series 72

WWE Elite Collection Series 72 includes Rey Mysterio, Velveteen Dream, Batista, Buddy Murphy, Roderick Strong and Becky Lynch!

Rey Mysterio comes in black, white and teal attire, and features a mohawk, T-shirt and alternate hands.

Velveteen Dream has light blue attire featuring the Third Mind's Eye glasses, which he is also sporting. He comes with alternate hands and the NXT North American Championship!

Roderick Strong comes with several Undisputed ERA accessories, including an armband, steel chair, cut-off shirt and alternate hands doing the signature Undisputed ERA gesture!

Batista has an updated look featuring his new tattoos, microphone, hat, white sunglasses and alternate hands!

Buddy Murphy comes in red shorts with alternate hands and the Cruiserweight Championship. This is his first-ever figure, but he actually gets two as there is a chase variant version featuring black shorts!

“The Man” Becky Lynch rounds out this set with alternate hands and a fabric leather jacket that reads "I Am The Man"!

WWE Elimination Chamber Playset Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Mattel Elimination Chamber playset

Looking for that big ticket present for the holidays to get that “wow!” reaction? Then this is the perfect gift idea for you! There is no way out of the Mattel WWE Elimination Chamber Playset Exclusive! Showcasing the all-new, all-improved Elimination Chamber look and style, it includes four chamber pods with sliding doors and a detachable roof. Confining all the action to cold, hard steel, this playset also includes an AJ Styles action figure with white-and-black ring pants and gear!

Who will emerge the winner from the Elimination Chamber? For years, a who's who of WWE Superstars have put their bodies and careers on the line in the unforgiving Elimination Chamber Match. Now you can recreate these moments with the Elimination Chamber Playset, exclusively available at!

NXT Superstars – Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee

NXT Superstars

After their incredible showing at Survivor Series, NXT is the hottest brand going today, which means NXT figures are some of the most sought-after toys this holiday season! Ringside Collectibles has you covered with figures of NXT Superstars like Adam Cole in Elite Collection Series 71, Johnny Gargano in Elite Collection Series 70, Tommaso Ciampa in Elite Collection Series 69, Matt Riddle in WWE Series 103 and Keith Lee in WWE Series 104!

Accessories – Hardcore Playset, Stretcher, Ladders, Tables, Caskets and more

Ringside Collectibles accessories

So the WWE fan in your life has a ton of figures and a ring already. What can you get them? Ringside Collectibles has a HUGE selection of exclusive wrestling action figure accessories, including a stretcher accessory, casket playsets, commentators sets and display stands. Tables, ladders and chairs — oh my!

After your figures use the 10-piece hardcore playset, featuring barbed wire, a trash can and a shopping cart, they might need medical care by way of the wheelchair playset, which also includes crutches and a neck brace! Get a little of everything, including a fabric referee shirt, with the 10-piece accessory bundle!

Figure Defender protective cases are also available to protect your wrestling figures from damage in a variety of different sizes!

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