The New Day mock bully Sheamus in trio of merciless Twitter videos

The New Day mock bully Sheamus in trio of merciless Twitter videos

The New Day and The League of Nations have yet to lock up properly in the ring, and apart from a faceoff at WWE Fastlane, the two squads haven’t even stood nose-to-nose yet. But that hasn’t stopped the WWE Tag Team Champions from shaming the foreign menaces using the best weapon in a modern Superstar’s arsenal: social media.

Throughout this week, The New Day rolled out a trio of Twitter videos aimed to shame (shame!) The League of Nations, and they certainly did not hold back in lambasting the flag-waving foursome. In the videos, The League of Nations are far from a unified, cross-continental front. Instead, Rusev (Big E) is a hobbled wretch who only says “machka” and King Barrett (Xavier Woods) is a regularly emasculated puppet monarch, both of whom are at the whim of super-bully Sheamus (Kofi Kingston).

We’d be ruining the fun if we gave any more away, but trust us when we say that, even by The New Day’s standards, this is merciless stuff. Check out the videos below.

'King Barrett' meets the bully 'Sheamus' in latest New Day mockery

Xavier Woods is feeling regal as King Barrett in The New Day's latest sketch, but the bully Sheamus (Kofi Kingston) has got some bad news.

The bully gets bullied in The New Day's final Sheamus sketch

Sheamus is up to his bullying ways again, until Xavier Woods and Big E discover his deepest, darkest secret.

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