Miranda Salinas

Miranda Salinas

Height: 5’1”
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Twitter: @TheMiranda_S

Miranda Salinas isn’t the biggest competitor in the Mae Young Classic, but heaven help the wrestler who dares to dismiss her because of her stature. A petite powder keg, Salinas can explode in the ring without much notice, decimating everything in her immediate vicinity.

She grew up idolizing Trish Stratus and used her as inspiration to begin training at age 18. Competing primarily in Louisiana and her native Texas, including in Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling organization, Salinas is equipped with a fast-moving style that is punctuated with notes of lucha libre craziness. Her bold outlook and persistent attack have earned her regional success, and if all goes according to Salinas’ plan, winning the Classic isn’t far behind.

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