Limited edition Firefly Funhouse sells out in under 3 hours!

Firefly Fun House box now available at WWE Shop

Yowie Wowie! Bray Wyatt wants you to join the fun and let him in with the limited-edition Firefly Fun House box, available exclusively at WWE Shop.

For the first time ever WWE Shop sold a limited edition Firefly Funhouse box and Yowie Wowie did the WWE Universe ever respond! 500 boxes containing exclusive Bray Wyatt merchandise sold out in under 3 hours.
Each box contained:

  • Exclusive Bray Wyatt “Fiend” T-Shirt
  • Bray Wyatt Autographed Welcome Postcard
  • Playset Cutouts and Display Set - the box itself turns into the Firefly Fun House!
  • Pictures, stickers & more

The box may be gone, but there's still plenty of other Bray Wyatt merchandise to help light the way. All you have to do is... let him in.

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