John Cena makes unique bet with San Diego Padres prospect Logan Allen

John Cena makes unique bet with San Diego Padres prospect Logan Allen

Considering that John Cena’s motto is “Never Give Up,” it’s unusual that the 16-time World Champion would bet against someone living out their dreams.

But after a chance meeting in a Tampa steakhouse with San Diego Padres pitching prospect Logan Allen, that’s exactly what Cena did, according to a must-read story from The Athletic’s Dennis Lin.

While Cena was out dining with a pair of childhood friends, The Cenation Leader took an interest in the hurler after noticing him at a nearby table. An invitation to join them turned into an hours-long conversation. After getting to know Allen, Cena threw out the idea of a bet with his new friend, seeking to motivate the ballplayer.

The amount at stake? One dollar.

The terms? If Allen makes the big leagues, Cena will hand over an autographed dollar bill. If Allen doesn’t, he’ll do the same for Cena.

With the Padres’ pitching rotation race wide open as spring training rolls on, there’s a very real chance that Allen could collect in the near future, something that the pitcher is planning on making a reality.

If and when Allen makes it to the show, Cena plans on delivering the dollar to Allen in person at Petco Park in San Diego.

“It’ll be the greatest dollar that I ever spent,” Cena told The Athletic.

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