John Cena talks “Prototype,” origin of “You Can’t See Me” and more on “The Graham Norton Show”

John Cena talks “Prototype,” origin of “You Can’t See Me” and more on “The Graham Norton Show”

Transformers, 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and a bag of tomatoes. Nothing was off the table during John Cena’s recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show.” While promoting his upcoming film “Bumblebee,” The Cenation Leader brought plenty of laughs while discussing key moments within his in-ring career, including the inspiration behind his “You Can’t See Me” hand gesture.

According to Cena, the iconic gesture he turned into a global phenomenon actually started off as a dare from his younger brother. The 16-time World Champion explained that while he was recording his famous theme music, his brother imitated a dance move that was featured in the music video for 50 Cent’s hit single “In Da Club.” Since the record was popular at the time, Cena’s kin dared him to pull off the move on television. To that, the future WWE Champion answered, “What the hell do I have to lose?” From there, answering the challenge with a twist, the rest was history.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cena recalled his early days in Ohio Valley Wrestling as “The Prototype,” and later indulged in wrestling lore with Matthew McConaughey , who revealed to Norton and Cena that he was once kicked out of a Texas wrestling show for throwing a bag of tomatoes at a certain fearsome leader of Devastation, Inc.

Watch the hilarious sit-down below.

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