Jazzy Gabert

Jazzy Gabert

Height: 6’1”
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Twitter: @AlphaFemale1

Jazzy Gabert’s muscle-packed, 6-foot-1 frame can barely contain the brute force and bad intentions that lie within. The bruising Berliner has broken opponents and captured titles around the globe for more than 15 years. She achieved her greatest success in Europe and Japan, holding championships in Swiss Wrestling Entertainment and Stardom, to name a couple of her stomping grounds. Her competitive fire burns bright outside the ring, too, where she has fought MMA matches and participated in strongwoman events.

Mean, powerful and rarely at a physical disadvantage, Gabert is unrepentant and undiscerning when it comes to dishing out pain. Whether she emerges from the Mae Young Classic as the top wrestler, it’s safe to say Jazzy Gabert make her presence felt in the global tournament, where she will be among the biggest brawlers.

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