Is Bow Wow the next hip-hop star on his way to WWE?

Is Bow Wow the next hip-hop star on his way to WWE?

Could the one and only Bow Wow be on his way to WWE?

After the award-winning rapper dropped this on Twitter on Monday, the WWE Universe is buzzing with potential matchups for Bow Wow inside a WWE ring:

The idea of Bow Wow forming a tag team with the legendary Rey Mysterio certainly attracted the attention of his son and prodigy, Dominik:

It wasn’t all friendly, however. After NXT Superstars Bronson Reed and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott were ready to welcome him to the WWE family, things took a turn as RETRIBUTION’s T-BAR and MACE weighed in:

But Bow Wow wasn't having any of it:

Also going the route of referencing Bow Wow’s 2002 film, Like Mike, was none other than Ricochet, who immediately got the collective WWE Universe’s minds racing at the possibilities of a dream showdown:

John Morrison then joined in on the action, attempting to recruit Bow Wow in his and The Miz's struggle with fellow music megastar, Bad Bunny!

No matter who his first challenger or tag team partner may be, it is clear that Bow Wow means business, and it could be only a matter of time before he … wows us all!

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