H.C. Dyer

H.C. Dyer

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 213 lbs.
From: Cambridge, England
Signature Move: Ripcord Blue Thunder Bomb

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Forget esoteric, highly technical wrestling holds. H.C. Dyer needs only his fists to pummel the opposition into submission.

Hailing from Cambridge, England, this brazen brawler has used his natural striking abilities to pick up his fair share of victories in the past. And not only does he make winning look easy, but Dyer claims he rarely needs to put forth an effort. He’s just that good.

Participating at WWE United Kingdom Championship Live events gives Dyer the opportunity to show the entire world what he’s capable of when he’s performing at the highest level possible. However, don’t mistake his lofty ambitions to triumph for passion: He’s in it for the money

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