Decide the greatest faction in WWE history: Round 3

Decide the greatest faction in WWE history: Round 3

Round 1 and Round 2 are complete for's Greatest Faction Tournament, and we're down to the elite eight for our own brand of March Madness! invites the WWE Universe to participate in Round 3 of our tournament to finally decide what faction is the greatest of all time. (View larger & updated bracket)

Round 3 features some legendary factions colliding, including the original nWo vs. The Four Horsemen, D-Generation X vs. The Ministry of Darkness, The Hart Foundation vs. The Wyatt Family and The Shield vs. The Nation of Domination! The outcome of each battle is entirely in the hands of the WWE Universe.

Take a look at the matchups and vote for your favorite factions in the polls below as they battle to be crowned the greatest faction of all time. The faction with the most votes in each respective matchup will advance to the next round, so vote wisely.

Round 3 voting ends this Monday when Round 4 begins.

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