Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

The new “Ghostbusters” movie is a reimagining of the 1985 classic — only this time with an all-female lead cast. That switch earned the film some early backlash from outraged fans, but it made us think: What would classic factions throughout WWE history look like with all-female members?


Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

The original Evolution was centered around the idea of mixing veteran leadership with new blood. Lita and Maryse, both tenured veterans of WWE, joining forces with the rising star Lana would fall precisely into that category. 

Also similar to the original stable would be the group’s flair for the finer things in life. Lana and Maryse all love the luxurious cars and clothing that were staples of Evolution 1.0, and although Lita is known to have a bit of a Rated-R edge to her at times (no pun), her demeanor would not be much different than that of Triple H. 

Evolution is still a mystery … but these four women’s dominance would be transparent.

Four Horsemen

Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

Charlotte and Dana Brooke are the perfect pair to lay the groundwork for a new Four Horsemen – or in this case, Horsewomen. Charlotte may be the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, but as WWE Women’s Champion, she’s already begun to  cement her own legacy. Joining Charlotte at ringside is Dana Brooke, the powerful Superstar considered by many as an enforcer for the Women’s Champion. That, of course, draws strong parallels to another Horseman – Arn Anderson – who was always at The Nature Boy’s side.

As the two founding members of a new Four Horsewomen, Charlotte and Dana Brooke’s strive to become elite would not only further elevate the level of competition in the Women’s division, but would also forge new opportunities for WWE Superstars to prove their own mettle. After all, to be the woman, you have to beat the woman. Wooo!


Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

The APA’s  Bradshaw and Farooq were a dominant, no-nonsense duo for hire that took no prisoners. As three-time World Tag Team Champions, The APA certainly took in-ring competition seriously,  although they often times enjoyed life outside the ring with poker games and odd-jobs. 

Two powerful WWE Superstars that could serve as a contemporary APA are Tamina and Naomi. Both Superstars have reputations for being tough inside the squared circle, and the contrast in their abilities would make for a formidable pairing. Both Superstars also have humorous sides similar to the original APA. That aspect would be interesting, both at the card table and in deciding whom they offer their protection services to. With their tough demeanor and motivation to intimidate both male and female Superstars alike, you can’t find better protection than Tamina and Naomi – for the right price.

The nWo

Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

Our culture is obsessed with super groups — The Avengers, the 2016 Golden State Warriors, The nWo — which, if these three Superstars actually ever grouped up together, would most certainly stand for The New Women’s Order. 

Sasha Banks and The Bella Twins, although all young, are also already icons of the Women’s division in WWE. The original nWo was founded upon the idea of all-stars coming together to form a group that would be borderline unstoppable …  and The Boss merging with The Bella Empire would be just that. 

The Hart Foundation

Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

When Natalya – the daughter of former WWE Superstar Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart – debuted in WWE, she was part of The Hart Dynasty alongside David Hart Smith, son of the British Bulldog,   and Tyson Kidd,  the final graduate of The Hart Dungeon. Since then, WWE’s first third-generation female Superstar has solidified her place as one of the top competitors in the Women’s division.

It only makes sense that a modern-day Hart Foundation would begin with Natalya. Though the original Hart Foundation was mostly a family affair, they took a great deal of pride in and were united by their Canadian heritage. There’s no better way to represent WWE’s wide range of Superstars hailing from the Great White North than to re-establish The Hart Foundation as the premier faction of Canadian grapplers. Led by Natalya, both male and female Canadian Superstars would be a force to be reckoned with while honoring the legacy of the legendary Hart family.

Ministry of Darkness

Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

To achieve a higher level of success, one must sometimes embrace his or her dark side. That can come in the form of a new attitude or darker ring gear, but it almost always symbolizes a turn toward using fear as a weapon. The original Ministry of Darkness was led by The Undertaker and capitalized on his adoption of dark arts. A new level of intensity washed over WWE when The Deadman began converting disciples to his cause.

However, a new Ministry of Darkness wouldn’t be one that answers to a higher power. The trio of Paige, Asuka and Emma would simply adopt the attitude and seriousness of the Attitude Era faction, intimidating anyone brazen enough to oppose them. Focusing solely on dominating the Women’s division through fear, the new Ministry of Darkness would forever change the landscape of WWE.

nWo Wolfpac

Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

There would undoubtedly be no one woman better to front the all-female equivalent of the Red & Black of The Wolfpac than The Red Queen herself, Eva Marie. 

The original Wolfpac is best remembered for being a hip, charismatic and tenacious group. The combination of Eva Marie and Nia Jax certainly echoes those same qualities. Jax is as dominant a Superstar, man or woman, on the entire WWE roster, and it is impossible to argue with Eva Marie’s magnetic presence and place in pop culture. 

Almost 20 years later, and the motto still howls true: Don’t turn your back on the Wolfpac. And now, don’t you dare cross The Red Queen. 

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