Abbey Laith

Abbey Laith

Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Twitter: @AbbeyLaithWWE

Abbey Laith had to keep her love of WWE secret growing up. She wasn’t allowed to watch sports-entertainment as a child, so Laith had to be sneaky. While she trained as a ballerina, she was dreaming of becoming a Superstar, and eventually studied the ins and outs of grappling under WWE Cruiserweight Drew Gulak.

Laith has battled competitors across the independent wrestling scene — notably becoming the first (and so far, only) woman to hold the Chikara Grand Championship — but her goal was always to get to WWE. She accomplished that earlier this year, when she was signed to the WWE Performance Center. Now, Laith looks to use the Alligator Clutch, the same inescapable pin  once utilized by the great Mae Young, to propel herself to victory in Young’s namesake event.

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