Survivor Series

Match Results

Time and location

Sunday, Nov 18 | 7 PMET/4 PMPT

Raw Tag Team Champions AOP def. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar (w/Big Show)

LOS ANGELES Drake Maverick may have had an unfortunate accident, but it helped Raw Tag Team Champions AOP defeat SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar at Survivor Series, giving Raw a 3-0 advantage in the battle for brand supremacy.

The Champions vs. Champions bout was physical from the opening moments, with Rezar and Sheamus locking horns. With a little help from Cesaro, The Celtic Warrior took down one-half of the monstrous Raw Tag Team Champions. The Bar’s advantage would not last long, however, as AOP overpowered The Swiss Superman and trapped him in their side of the ring, pummeling Cesaro into the canvas.

But Cesaro weathered the onslaught of AOP and sent Sheamus back into the action. The Celtic Warrior staggered Rezar with a huge knee that turned the tides of the battle. Sheamus seemingly had the big man down after a Brogue Kick, but seeing his team in danger, Drake Maverick leaped into action, putting Rezar’s leg on the ropes before the referee could count to three.

Big Show frightens Drake Maverick into having an accident following his interference on behalf of AOP: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Cesaro chased Maverick around ringside, driving AOP’s manager into a waiting Big Show. The World’s Largest Athlete throttled Maverick and hoisted him onto the ring apron with ease. The fear of being at the mercy of Big Show apparently led to Maverick losing control of his body, as he wet himself in the clutches of the giant, much to the confusion of The Bar.

Maverick’s accident was apparently just the opening AOP needed, though, as they planted Sheamus in the canvas with a suplex-powerbomb combination to pick up the victory.

It was an embarrassing moment for Maverick, but AOP walked out of Survivor Series with a huge statement victory over the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, giving Raw a big lead in the battle of the brands.