The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#10 Scott Steiner

In 1986, a University of Michigan wrestler named Scott Steiner became an NCAA Division I All-American. Three years later, that competitor captured the tag titles alongside his brother Rick in WCW en route to becoming arguably the greatest duo in the organization’s history. If he were judged on his physique alone, Steiner would appear to be just another powerhouse, but his amateur background and creativity in the squared circle presented a challenger with a skill set not often seen in a grappler of his stature.

Steiner joined The nWo in '98 and adopted the moniker “Big Poppa Pump.” Drastically changing his appearance and muscle mass, he became the most physically imposing wrestler in WCW. The Genetic Freak held a number of titles during his WCW career, including seven WCW Tag Team Titles and the WCW World Title. A volatile and physically dominating competitor, Steiner is certainly one of WCW’s most memorable characters. “Holla, if ya hear me!” — K.P.