The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#40 Kevin Sullivan

He’s remembered now as the cackling, bug-eyed sociopath who set out to bring an end to Hulkamania through his cartoonish Dungeon of Doom. But Kevin Sullivan was at his best when the Halloween theatrics of his Taskmaster persona were set aside in favor of the Boston bad boy who lurked underneath.

Southie tough with the type of accent best suited for hurling insults from the bleachers at Fenway, Sullivan stomped heroes like Brian Pillman and Cactus Jack with the Sam Adams-soaked rage of a Beantown bar fighter. When he wasn’t brawling in the women’s bathroom of Corpus Christi’s Memorial Coliseum (True story. Look it up.), Sullivan was calling the shots as one of WCW’s most vital power players. Turns out the man once billed from the “Iron Gates of Fate” wasn’t just stupid tough, he was wicked smart. — R.M.