The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#30 Raven

What about Raven?

A spoiled rich kid who sulked in corners and hid behind a band of toadies he dubbed The Flock, Raven could be as loathsome and emotionally draining as a Smiths record, but few competitors were as psychologically captivating as this Bowery punk. A key figure in ECW’s rise to cult status in the mid-90s, the skuzzy brawler saw to it that all his WCW bouts were contested under Raven’s Rules when he joined the Atlanta organization in ’97. Of course, that only meant that there were no rules.

Free to wreak his particular brand of Philly havoc, the grunge rock Svengali busted more stop signs than a runaway school bus as he abused Perry Saturn and beat Diamond Dallas Page for the United States Title. Too often, Raven walked away from his challenges. But few competitors were as enthralling as him when he stayed to fight. — R.M.