Breezango’s attackers strike again at WWE Battleground


PHILADELPHIA — The truth is still out there.

The conclusion of Breezango’s “Fashion X-Files” seemed to promise a long-awaited confrontation between The Fashion Police and their mysterious attackers. And, at first, it appeared that Fandango & Tyler Breeze had finally come face-to-face with their attackers when they once again ran into long-running suspects Konnor & Viktor of The Ascension, who basically copped to the attack by saying they just felt like it.

Breezango was sorely disappointed at the revelation of the “series finale,” but there was one plot twist left to be unveiled. While Fandango & Breeze grumbled about the outcome, they had an epiphany that The Ascension couldn’t have been their attackers, as they had taken up Breezango’s offer of Eddie Money tickets the night that Fandango’s toy horse, Tully, was abducted and mangled.

Unfortunately, they were unable to follow up on this break in the case, as the lights went out and Breeze was taken down by an unseen attacker. Fandango was similarly felled moments later and dragged away by the light of his fallen flashlight. To be continued …

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