Randy Orton vs. Edge ended in a Double Count-out

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November 23, 2008

DETROIT — Few rivalries in WWE have been as heated as the one between Randy Orton and Edge.

This intense animosity was on full display at Over the Limit where these two Superstars brutally battered each other until literally neither man could go on. With both competitors laying bruised and battered on the floor of Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, the official counted to 10, resulting in a double count-out. (PHOTOS)

The viciousness displayed by the former World Tag Team Champions was wildly shocking, but expected after weeks of intense confrontations. Orton had been waiting to get his hands on Edge since the former WWE Champion cost him a No. 1 Contender's Match on Raw one month ago. Looking to make an immediate impact after being drafted to Monday nights, The Ultimate Opportunist set his sights on his former ally and sadistically Speared him to make a statement to the WWE Universe.

When these two men finally locked up in a singles match, the intensity was palpable. After minutes of devastating in-ring action, the brawl spilled to the arena floor where Orton began to wince in pain from a separated right shoulder. Sensing an opportunity, The Rated-R Superstar went for a Spear on the outside, but missed and went headfirst into the barricade.

The impact was crushing and both competitors were out for the count, victims of the fiery hatred that burned between them.

With no clear winner tonight, will the rivalry between these men rage on? Or will the devastating injuries these Superstars suffered tonight put them out of action? Watch Raw on Monday night to find out.

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