Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger by Disqualification

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May 23, 2010

DETROIT - At Over the Limit, Big Show triumphed over World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger by disqualification. Though the match's result ultimately denied The World's Largest Athlete the World Title, his rage made "The All-American American" pay dearly for retaining his greatest "trophy."  (Match photos)

From the opening bell, the Joe Louis Arena was electrified by the extremely intense battle between the outspoken champion who knows how to win and the angry giant with the iron fist. Though Big Show's power served as a definite advantage from the word go, Swagger countered with strategic moments of pure aggression. However, before a clear resolve could take place, Swagger suddenly got himself disqualified, smashing Big Show over the head with the championship.

Though Swagger continued his assault with a chair after the match, the rage -filled World's Largest Athlete quickly turned the tables, chokeslamming Swagger onto the chair with earth-shattering force before knocking the World Champion out with a devastating right. 

The fuse for the explosive match-up was lit just four days after the 2010 WWE Draft. Following Big Show's selection to the SmackDown roster, General Manager Theodore Long wasted no time naming the gigantic Superstar as the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Over the next few weeks, The World's Largest Athlete acquainted himself with the two-time collegiate All-American, knocking him out, chokeslamming him through the broadcast table and destroying his cherished, lifetime collection of accolades and trophies. Big Show's "disrespect of Oklahoma, his daddy and the World Title" helped transform Swagger's Over the Limit title defense into one of the most personal matches of his career.

When Big Show cost Swagger a non-title match with Kofi Kingston - two days before their Over the Limit showdown -- the World Champion attempted to send a message of his own. After attacking his massive challenger during his match with Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, Swagger stomped on his enormous foe's hand and tried to blast him with a chair. But, his fierce steel weapon assault was quelled by a devastating right fist of The World's Largest Athlete. Though Swagger's move to gain momentum was bold, it only served to further enrage his colossal adversary.

Jack Swagger's ability to walk out of WWE's newest pay-per-view with the title is no surprise. Despite his braggadocios demeanor, he has established that he has what it takes to keep the title around his waist at any cost. But, with the awesome display of post-match retribution by his furious No. 1 contender, the WWE Universe is left wondering if anything was settled between Swagger and The World's Largest Athlete.

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