WWE Champion John Cena def. Batista in an "I Quit" Match

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May 23, 2010

DETROIT -- When WWE Champion John Cena and his opponent Batista faced off in an "I Quit" Match, it seemed entirely appropriate that the two Hemi-powered heavyweights found themselves dueling in the Motor City. Each man buried the speedometer as they rumbled toward each other until, finally, The Animal ran out of fuel and was forced to utter those infamous words, "I quit." (PHOTOS: PART 1 | PART 2)

For months, Batista had complained about The Champ, stating that The Animal should be the real "face of WWE." That animosity only intensified after Batista was embarrassed in a Last Man Standing Match when Cena prevailed by duct-taping his feet together around one of the ring posts.

As for Cena, The Champ has appeared more than willing to accept the challenge of the former two-time WWE Champion. Despite several less-than-savory tactics on behalf of Batista, Cena refused to complain. Instead, he contained his fury, waiting until Sunday to fire on all cylinders.

His victory, however, ran into a roadblock when Sheamus decided to pour sugar in Cena's tank. Rather than allow The Champ to celebrate his incredible accomplishment, the Irishman attacked Cena with a swift kick to the face.

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