World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Christian

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May 22, 2011

SEATTLE – Amid the outrageous calamity of WWE Over the Limit, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton triumphed over Christian, crushing Captain Charisma’s hopes at regaining the illustrious World Title he has worked for his entire life.

The critical match between two of SmackDown’s finest grapplers transcended the epic championship struggle that the WWE Universe was expecting. From the opening bell, it became a personal battle, fueled by the lifelong desire of two Superstars to be the absolute best. Orton, a third-generation brawler, was destined from birth to make himself part of the squared circle elite. Christian – the onetime starry-eyed boy with the impossible dream – who as long as he could remember has been giving his blood, sweat and tears to become a World Champion.  

And when the smoke cleared of this knockdown, drag out struggle for supremacy, it would be The Viper that would strike the loudest. After flipping himself out of the Killswitch, Orton blasted his adversary with the RKO and covered him for the all-important three-count.

Then, in the aftermath of the brutal match, the two great Superstars shook hands in the middle of the ring in a well-deserved moment of absolute mutual respect and unquestionable honor.

Just five days after capturing his first World Championship at Extreme Rules, Christian’s lifelong dream swiftly descended into a nightmare when The Viper pinned his shoulders to the canvas on the May 6 edition of SmackDown. One week later, the noticeably disappointed former champion took the high road, congratulating WWE’s Apex Predator on his newly acquired eighth World Title, claiming that he held no ill will toward Orton or SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long for making the match. Instead, he chose to set his sights on reclaiming his glory in a high stakes rematch at WWE Over the Limit. But, Christian’s redemption was not meant to be.

Christian – much like his victorious opponent – has always enjoyed a special bond with the WWE Universe, thanks to the unrelenting drive, courage and heart that makes him such a cunning warrior. However, now that Randy Orton has bested him on two separate occasions, will he be forced to succumb to the notion that some dreams are ultimately beyond his reach? Find out on the next explosive SmackDown, Friday at 8/7 CT, on SyFy.

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