Ezekiel Jackson def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (Disqualification)

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May 22, 2011

SEATTLE – Wade Barrett may have retained the coveted Intercontinental Title, but Ezekiel Jackson walked away with the victory and a psychological advantage – he may be too strong for Barrett to handle. It took Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater’s interference to salvage the Intercontinental Championship and, the well-being of fellow Corre member Barrett, ending the match in a disqualification. (PHOTOS)

Barrett truly believed that he could be unstoppable when he moved to SmackDown after CM Punk took control of The Nexus. The bare-knuckle brawler had two intensely loyal comrades — and fellow WWE NXT alums — Slater and Gabriel at his side, as well as a new follower in the form of the final ECW Champion, the monstrous Jackson. Calling Jackson a powerhouse is putting it lightly; there are few Superstars who posess the power and strength to knock down Kane and Big Show. At first, Jackson seemed like a great fit and complemented The Corre exceptionally well, but the self-professed “Personification of Domination” was never meant to follow orders.

Heading into WWE Over the Limit, both Superstars had made it abundantly clear how they felt about each other. Jackson had walked away from The Corre during a match with Big Show and Kane, resulting in Barrett, Slater and Gabriel attacking Jackson in the locker room and “excommunicating” him from the group.

Barrett, the first winner of WWE NXT, has stared down the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton and held his own. However, underestimating your opponent is the biggest mistake any WWE Superstar can make. Barrett believed he could handle Jackson inside the ring, but as he quickly learned, the “Personification of Domination” is an absolute powerhouse.

Inside the squared circle, Jackson is not unlike Marvel Comics’ jade giant, The Incredible Hulk. He’s big, powerful, agile and you certainly wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. This was all evident at WWE Over the Limit. And with the tension building up in weeks prior, it seemed to be a matter of time before Jackson would smash Barrett. However, the Englishman is no slouch himself and managed to mount an offense expected from the Intercontinental Champion. Yet every time Barrett gained the upper hand, it seemed to only enrage Jackson further, as if there was something super-powered flowing through his veins.

The Corre attacks Ezekiel JacksonFinally, when Jackson’s power reached a peak, the intensely loyal Gabriel and Slater made the quick decision to save Barrett from certain domination. Although Barrett left with the Intercontinental Title, Jackson is surely far from finished with his former cohorts following the groups brutal assault after the match.

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