R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio

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May 22, 2011

SEATTLE – Once renowned for his exciting hip-hop entrances, the ravenous R-Truth dropped a whole different kind of beat at WWE Over the Limit, where Rey Mysterio suffered a startling defeat at the hands of the emotionally unstable ring warrior. (PHOTOS)

After evading Mysterio’s signature 619, Truth leveled The Masked Superstar with a devastating new offensive maneuver. Following the match, the bitter former rapper disrespected Mysterio further by striking him in the head with a water bottle.

Convinced that he is the victim of a grand conspiracy against him that extends all the way up to the Raw General Manager, Truth unleashed a side of himself never before seen by the WWE Universe when he turned on his former friend John Morrison on the April 18, 2011, edition of Monday Night Raw. In the weeks that followed, Truth continued to brutalize The Prince of Parkour, all the while lambasting his passionate fans for distracting him from attaining championship glory. In Truth’s warped version of reality, his past focus on entertaining his young admirers is the reason he has yet to become WWE Champion.

After taking Morrison out of action with a neck injury – a feat he was all too eager to brag about – Truth targeted Mysterio, one of Raw’s most promising acquisitions in the 2011 WWE Draft. Envious of The Ultimate Underdog’s many accomplishments during his illustrious WWE career, Truth ambushed Mysterio following a hard-fought No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match for John Cena’s WWE Title on Raw – a bout the conspiracy theorist felt he should have been a part of.

Responding to Mysterio’s challenge to collide at WWE Over the Limit, Truth vowed that The Masked Superstar would “get got” in Seattle, and in spite of his aerial ability and undying fighting spirit, Mysterio ultimately couldn’t handle “the Truth” in this Emerald City showdown. Whether the WWE Universe likes it or not, Truth picked up an impressive victory against a former two-time World Champion.

R-Truth’s new attitude and startling degree of in-ring focus is already paying off, but The Master of the 619 seldom stays down for long, and will no doubt show the hip-hop hothead “what’s up” in the very near future on Monday Night Raw.

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