Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero

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May 22, 2011

SEATTLE -- Sin Cara soared high at WWE Over the Limit, reigning supreme over Chavo Guerrero in his first pay-per-view showdown. Match photos

The explosive standoff between the two fast-paced Superstars made for an epic encounter from the start. The virtual tennis match of earth-shattering offensive maneuvers between the agility machine that is Sin Cara and the crafty, high-octane Guerrero kept the WWE Universe completely mesmerized. And in the climactic moments of the electric tour-de-force, Sin Cara seized the moment, driving his adversary into the canvas, catapulting himself past his dangerous foe and into the stratosphere of pay-per-view victory.

It’s no surprise that the Mexican match of tradition proved to be such a fierce battle when the WWE Universe considers the resentment from which it emerged. After making numerous claims that Sin Cara was "following in his footsteps" on the May 13 edition of SmackDown, Guerrero took it upon himself to help the masked up-and-comer win his match against Daniel Bryan. But, when Sin Cara took exception to his unwanted assistance, things quickly turned physical. The following week, self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” tried to embarrass his foe by attempting to defeat Bryan in less than five minutes. Moments after he failed to do so, Sin Cara emerged, fueling the fires by sending Guerrero flying out of the ring.

In his short time in WWE, Sin Cara has set WWE ablaze, with a barrage of jaw-dropping assaults that shattered both expectation and logic. But, in the country he came from, “Guerrero” was more than a name, it was an institution – and for very good reason. The enraged Chavo came into WWE Over the Limit with his family honor on the line. And defeating such a high-caliber grappler when his back was against the wall was no easy task.

In this classic encounter, Sin Cara proved that not even the experience of Chavo Guerrero could ground the gravity-defying Superstar in his meteoric rise. Who will the “international sensation” challenge next? Find out on SmackDown, Friday at 8/7 CT, only on SyFy. 

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