John Cena def. Randy Orton ("I Quit" Match - New WWE Champion)

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September 13, 2009

MONTREAL -- At the first-ever WWE Breaking Point, Randy Orton had to defend his WWE Title against John Cena in a contest that left The Viper no room to execute any of his typical underhanded tactics: An "I Quit" Match. Despite Orton's earlier promises to defeat Cena, their match ended with Orton, handcuffed to his opponent and locked into a punishing STF, croaking out the words "I quit" to crown Cena a six-time World Champion.

Cena and Orton are both well-known for having fierce, competitive matches, especially when there's a world title on the line, but their contest at WWE Breaking Point was intense even by those standards. As decreed by Mr. McMahon, the two met in an "I Quit" Match, where the only way to win is to make your opponent say those two dreaded words, anathema to any WWE Superstar. With no pinfalls, count-outs or disqualifications to concern themselves with, the two ring warriors focused on dealing damage to their opponent in the hopes that it'd be enough to cause them to simply give up.

Despite having weakened Cena less than a week earlier with a devastating RKO onto a steel chair, during this match The Viper lacked a distinct advantage to which he had grown accustomed. In addition to setting the contest's brutal stipulation, Mr. McMahon also forbade any outside involvement on Orton's behalf, promising to strip The Legend Killer of his title if any of his Legacy were to interfere in the match. Though Orton dominated much of the match, handcuffing Cena and rendering him susceptible to the worst punishment The Viper could dish out, his opponent was able to turn things around.

After enduring attacks with a steel chair, a Singapore Cane and more, Cena gained the upper hand by handcuffing himself to Orton. With nowhere for The Viper to run, it was only a matter of time before Cena locked in a modified STF, making good use of the handcuffs. Unable to withstand the excruciating pain he was suffering, Orton barked out the words, "I quit," ensuring Cena's victory.

By defeating Randy Orton only six days after enduring a steel-chair-assisted RKO, John Cena became WWE Champion, adding "Six-Time World Title-Holder" to his already impressive list of accomplishments. Following WWE Breaking Point, it's clear that once again "The Champ is Here," but how long will it be before The Viper, Randy Orton, comes slithering back?

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