Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. D-Generation X (Submissions Count Anywhere Match)

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October 04, 2009

MONTREAL — In an absolutely shocking upset, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase locked Shawn Michaels in a torturous double-team submission maneuver and forced HBK to tap out in a punishing Submissions Count Anywhere Match that both sides will be feeling the effects of for weeks to come. (PHOTOS)

The WWE Universe knew tonight's unique contest would be a war of attrition before the bell even rang. With no count-outs, pinfalls or disqualifications, D-Generation X and The Legacy were free to brawl all over Montreal's Bell Centre and that's exactly what they did. While DX was able to batter Rhodes & DiBiase throughout the arena, The Legacy showed off a mean streak that would make Randy Orton proud once the action spilled to the entrance ramp.

Utilizing every weapon they could get their hands on, The Legacy managed to bring DX down. The duo then double-teamed Michaels with Rhodes applying a figure-four leg lock around the ring post while DiBiase slapped on a Million Dollar Dream, putting the WWE legend in an absolutely torturous position. With HBK's spine bent at an impossible angle and The Game incapacitated, Michaels did the only thing he could to survive — he submitted.

Tonight's victory is, without a doubt, the biggest of The Legacy's young career. By defeating one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, Rhodes & DiBiase have finally cemented what they have been saying all along — they are the future of WWE.

Of course, D-Generation X should never be counted out. While HBK  & Triple H will be icing their bruises tonight, they'll also be plotting their retribution.

With each duo now holding one victory over the other, the WWE Universe can expect sparks to fly when The Legacy and DX cross paths again on Monday's Raw.

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