Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter

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October 04, 2009

MONTREAL - In the biggest test of their cohesive greatness to date, Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho continued to establish their tag team dominance with a knockout victory over the no-nonsense combination of Mark Henry & MVP at WWE Breaking Point. (Photos)

Kicking off a pay-per-view specifically designed to drive Superstars to their limits, Jericho & Big Show reigned supreme, successfully retaining their prestigious gold in an epic battle that hurled the boundaries of tag team excellence into new heights. In the culmination of the hard-fought match, just when it looked as if the tenacious challengers were about to grab their destiny, The World' Largest Athlete suddenly smashed through Mark Henry with a devastating knockout punch from nowhere, paving the way for Chris Jericho to grab the win.

When Chris Jericho used a special contract stipulation to replace his injured Unified Tag Team Champion partner Edge with Big Show, he instantly created a tag team tour de force. The two elite Superstars quickly fortified their championship union in impressive fashion, showcasing exceptional chemistry to overcome The Legacy at Night of Champions. At SummerSlam and then again on SmackDown, the championship duo captured a pair of hard-fought triumphs over their young, dynamic challengers, Cryme Tyme. 

At 390-plus-pounds, former ECW and European Champion Mark Henry was named the "Second Strongest Man That Ever Lived" by Flex Magazine. But, perhaps none of these accolades were as remarkable as the moment the massive Henry slammed Big Show on Monday Night Raw, making a statement of seismic proportions. This supernatural powerhouse is a tag team all by himself, capable of beating any Superstar on any given night.

At Henry's side was the life-hardened MVP, who has never backed down from anyone. The former WWE Tag Team Champion and the longest-reigning United States Champion in SmackDown history recently came off a huge win over Jack Swagger at SummerSlam. And in the weeks since, The Franchise Playa has shown that he could more than hold his own with Jericho in singles action.

Although the talent and drive of their latest opposition remains undisputable, Chris Jericho & Big Show continue to run rampant throughout WWE, emerging from another battle with the Unified gold securely around their waists. And with every conquest, one question remains: Can any Superstar pair emerge with enough force to topple their elite alliance?

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