United States Champion The Miz def. Intercontinental Champion John Morrison

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October 25, 2009

PITTSBURGH - Each betrayal begins with trust.

Such was the case for former WWE and World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison. The two had formed a brotherly bond as they began their meteoric rise up the ranks of WWE, co-hosting the popular WWE.com original series "The Dirt Sheet" and earning Slammy Awards for their efforts. The closeness and camaraderie forged between the Superstars seemed but a taunting memory, however, when they fiercely battled at WWE Bragging Rights with The Miz snatching victory out from under his former friend. (PHOTOS)

In previous matches, Morrison, the Intercontinental Champion, often proved too athletic and agile for Miz. This evening, though, the United States Champion managed to leverage his thorough knowledge of The Guru of Greatness for a sweet victory indeed by putting two words into practice: Be zealous!

While the non-title bout paid dividends for Team Raw, allowing them to strike first blood in their quest to win WWE Bragging Rights over rivals, Team SmackDown, there's little doubt that the victory meant much more to The Miz than simply contributing to his brand's efforts, it meant humiliating a one-time ally who has evolved into his most hated enemy.

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