World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker def. CM Punk, Batista & Rey Mysterio (Fatal Four Way Match)

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October 25, 2009

PITTSBURGH - At WWE Bragging Rights, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker emerged from the fast-paced fury of a championship Fatal Four Way with the gold, reigning supreme over three former World Champions -- Batista, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. But, in a match where every Superstar was in it for himself, it was the unsuspected bite of an infuriated Animal that left the WWE Universe absolutely awestruck.

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From the opening bell, the unpredictable mayhem of the Fatal Four Way threw the WWE Universe into an absolute frenzy. And after the changing tide of furious bedlam hurled the advantage back and forth from one Superstar to another like a tornado, it was Batista that looked to emerge from the storm with a victory over The Deadman. But, in the true spirit of the free-for-all match, the highly-competitive Rey Mysterio powered back into action, ultimately preventing his comrade-in-arms from triumphing in the last second. Later, just moments after Batista threw Mysterio out of the ring and onto CM Punk, The Undertaker took his golden opportunity, hitting The Animal with the dreaded Tombstone for the victory.

But after the bell, Undertaker's championship celebration suddenly turned to darkness as the unspeakable happened. Not able to deal with the emotions of his championship loss, an irate Batista announced that he was "sick of his best friend stabbing him in the back."  After stunning both Mysterio and the WWE Universe by proclaiming he was going to "rip his head off,"  Batista snapped, decimating the Superstar that he claimed to be "as close as a brother."

Weeks before, The Deadman defeated CM Punk inside The Devil's Playground at Hell in a Cell to win his seventh World Title. Five days later on SmackDown, Mr. McMahon emerged to "help" SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long make "his" monumental announcement -- that The Straightedge Superstar's rematch would be a Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights, and it would also include The Master of the 619 and The Animal.

With his most recent acquisition of the gold, The Phenom has arguably transcended other SmackDown Superstars to reach a level of competition all his own. Never was this more evident than two days before WWE Bragging Rights, when he defended his self-proclaimed "holy grail" in a submission rematch against Punk, against incredible odds.

Despite losing the title to The Demon from Death Valley, Punk has continued to show his ability to emerge as a strong competitor for any type of match thrown at him, no matter the odds. His A-list skills, fused with an anything-to-win attitude made for a dangerous threat to The Undertaker's gold. 

The Deadman's history of battle with Batista has been nothing short of epic. Since moving from Monday Night Raw, The Animal has been more ferocious than ever. But his momentum came to a screeching halt nine days before the Fatal Four Way when a "questionable" pin by a WWE official led Batista to lose a Friday night match against his comrade-in-arms, Mysterio.

The TNT-like assault of the ultra-athletic Rey Mysterio has been undeniable. The Master of the 619 has refused to be denied as one of the top Superstars in WWE. And though he has always considered Batista as close as a "brother" -- evident two days before WWE Bragging Rights when the masked Superstar sacrificed himself for The Animal in tag team action -  he made it clear from the start that he would be going for gold this Sunday. But nothing would prepare him for the madness that would ensue after the Fatal Four Way would come to a close.

Batista has turned against Rey Mysterio. And as the smoke of WWE Bragging Rights clears, one thing is certain: The two explosive Superstars could shake SmackDown and a close friendship to its very foundations. 

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