Bray Wyatt def. Kofi Kingston

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October 06, 2013

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The menacing Bray Wyatt turned the First Niagara Center into his own personal “battleground,” dropping high-flying Kofi Kingston to pick up another brutal pay-per-view victory and remain unbeaten in WWE.

Always a game competitor, Kofi started off with low kicks and elbows on his opponent, but the creepily charismatic Wyatt took control, showing off his power with a potent clothesline and a ring-shaking slam. As his followers, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, eerily looked on from ringside, “The Eater of Worlds” taunted the vulnerable Superstar.

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Kofi looked to counter the dangerous Wyatt, but the big man had answers to all of his offense. After hitting a slam and Boom Drop, Kofi called for Trouble in Paradise, but the disarmingly athletic Wyatt dodged it and launched himself off the ropes into The Wildcat with the impact of a car crash.

Hanging upside down off the ropes and then crawling towards Kofi like a spider, Wyatt showed that he is indeed the stuff of nightmares. But Kofi – at least outwardly – showed no fear, tossing Wyatt over the ropes before recklessly flipping over the top rope himself, dropping Wyatt and his family at ringside.

Dragging Wyatt back into the ring, The Dreadlocked Dynamo went off the top rope to hit a huge cross body and a pin attempt, but his demented opponent managed to kick out at the last moment. When Kofi went for the SOS, the ever-dangerous Wyatt locked in his devastating finishing maneuver, Sister Abigail, out of nowhere and viciously planted his opponent for the win.

As Kofi lay beaten, Rowan and Harper joined their sinister leader in the ring and nailed the prone Superstar with a backbreaker and a numbing clothesline. Wyatt followed the post-match assault with eerie words for the WWE Universe, declaring, “One by one, they will fall. Follow the buzzards.”

After destroying the still-missing Kane at SummerSlam and now Kofi at WWE Battleground, it remains to be seen what – or who – is next for the terrifying trio. What is clear, though, is that Wyatt and his disciples will leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

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