Shane McMahon def. Shawn Michaels (Street Fight)

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March 18, 2006

For months, Mr. McMahon had made it his top priority to make Shawn Michaels' life a living hell. The WWE Chairman had been doing anything and everything in his power to embarrass HBK on a weekly basis. From a retirement party, to making the Showstopper join the Kiss My Ass Club, to a public drug test, Mr. McMahon has pulled no punches. In an effort to truly get the best of Michaels, the WWE Chairman will face him one-on-one at WrestleMania 22. But first, HBK had a Street Fight against Mr. McMahon's son, Shane, at Saturday Night's Main Event.

Shane had been undergoing intense training, and it showed in this brutal Street Fight. HBK attacked Shane-O-Mac before he even got to the ring, but Shane was able to survive the onslaught. Shane worked on HBK's back, repeatedly slamming him into the ring post. He brought out a couple of tables outside the ring and set up a ladder inside the ring. Mr. McMahon laid the Showstopper down on the table, and Shane climbed the ladder. HBK escaped Mr. McMahon's clutches and climbed the ladder from the opposite side. He met Shane at the top, and then suplexed him off the ladder to the outside and through the two tables in a breathtaking, death-defying moment.

Paramedics rushed to the ring, but the match went on. HBK went for the flying elbow off the ladder, but Mr. McMahon knocked him off with a kendo stick. Shane went back on the offensive and set up the Showstopper for the Van Terminator. Mr. McMahon was holding the garbage can in front of HBK, but at the last second, Michaels got out of the way as Shane slammed the garbage can into his own father's face. The Showstopper hit Sweet Chin Music, but before the referee could count to three, Mr. McMahon pulled him out of the ring, saving his son. HBK caught the Chairman and threw him into the ring. Shane recovered, though, and nailed Michaels with a low blow. At the direction of his father, Shawn locked HBK in the Sharpshooter, and Mr. McMahon immediately ordered to ring the bell. Just like he did to Bret "Hit Man" Hart in Montreal in 1997, Mr. McMahon screwed Shawn Michaels at Saturday Night's Main Event.

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