WWE Champion John Cena & Triple H def. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton (Handicap Match)

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March 18, 2006

It was RAW's WrestleMania main event vs. SmackDown's WrestleMania main event. It was WWE Champion John Cena & Triple H vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton. With so much animosity among the teammates of both teams, this was destined to be an explosive situation, and it didn't disappoint. Would either team be able to coexist with each other? The answer was yes…and no.

Early on in the match, it appeared as though Cena and Triple H were able to get on the same page. Cena was propped up on the second rope, and was vulnerable to a Mysterio 619. But right before Mysterio could connect, The Game saved Cena and pulled him out of the way. But that was where the teamwork ended for the RAW side.

The Cerebral Assassin brutalized Mysterio on the outside, bending the rules to his advantage. Cena didn't approve of Triple H's method of attack, such as throwing Mysterio into the barrier. So, when The Game tried to tag in Cena, The Champ refused. So much for coexisting as a team.

Cena did get into the ring eventually, and faced off with Randy Orton. Cena managed to hit the Legend Killer with an FU, but when he went for the pin, Triple H pulled his own teammate off. Not only did Triple H cost himself and Cena a win, but he proceeded to Pedigree The Champ and roll Orton onto him for the pin. Before Orton could score a pin, though, Mysterio pulled him off. The Master of the 619 did not want to win that way. Unhappy that Cena wasn't pinned yet, Triple H hit Mysterio with a Pedigree as well.

Kurt Angle hit the ring and clotheselined The Game to the outside. Then Orton turned on his teammate and nailed the Wrestling Machine with an RKO. He looked poised to give Cena a dose of the same medicine, but The Champ somehow countered the maneuver into a roll up and scored the improbably victory. Cena picked up the win, but he was also Pedigreed by his partner and WrestleMania challenger, Triple H. A fate he has to avoid in order to be successful at WrestleMania 22.

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