Booker T vs. Boogeyman (Canceled)

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March 18, 2006

For weeks, Booker T and his wife Sharmell have been haunted by the bizarre Boogeyman. Everywhere Booker and Sharmell turn, the worm-eating Superstar is right behind them. Booker T demanded that General Manager Theodore Long put a stop to Boogeyman, but instead, Long left that up to Booker T and set up a match for Saturday Night's Main Event.

The match, however, never even happened. While in the back receiving medical attention, Booker T explained to Long that he heard something pop in his knee earlier in the day. The only way to see what the real extent of the injury was would be with an MRI. The only problem, though, is that an MRI would take well over a few hours to obtain. So, going along with the doctor's opinion, Long canceled the match. Booker T limped out of the room, but a smile briefly crept across his face in between yelps of pain.

Later on in the show, Booker T was getting out of the shower, and he and Sharmell were talking about how they had duped Long. Booker was never injured. He just wanted out of the match, and the five-time WCW Champion had gotten his way. Booker T even did a little dance, showing no signs of a knee injury. Then all of a sudden, Boogeyman's music hit and the worm-eating Superstar lowered himself down from the ceiling. Booker T, only dressed in a towel, and Sharmell, who didn't have a shirt on yet, screamed out in terror and ran out of the room.

Booker T may have gotten his way, but the satisfaction will only be momentary. Long decided that match will go on -- at WrestleMania 22.

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