SmackDown Results: As Edge returned to SmackDown, Kane & Daniel Bryan opted to give the tag team division the chair

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September 21, 2012

The Rated-R Superstar got swept up in a therapeutic moment between WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane

PHILADELPHIA – While SmackDown braced itself for the return of a true WWE Hall of Famer and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus joined forces with Randy Orton against the formidable combination of Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler, it was the anger management issues of the WWE Tag Team Champions that led to an onslaught of absolute, chair-fused anarchy.

Edge, walked into a SmackDown ring for the first time in more than a year, recalling the moment when he was forced to retire 18 months ago due to injury, before mentioning his appearance on the new season of “Haven,” airing tonight on Syfy immediately following the blue brand.

But, when the 11-time World Champion brought up Daniel Bryan & Kane becoming “BFFs” and winning the WWE Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions, the former decided to interrupt him. Bryan declared that “he,” rather than “they,” was the champion. He was confident enough in Dr. Shelby’s anger management techniques to describe himself as an “anchor, rock, one with my emotions.” However, when he tried to analyze The Ultimate Opportunist, the always crafty Edge turned it around and nearly made the submission specialist snap.

The Big Red Monster soon joined as well, engaging in a screaming match with his co-champion about which one of them was, in fact, the WWE Tag Team Champions. When things inevitably got tense between Kane and Edge over their past issues, The Devil’s Favorite Demon “rectified” the situation with a surprise hug on his longtime adversary. As they invited Bryan into an emotional group hug, the trio was interrupted by Damien Sandow.  

After about 30 seconds of listening to the self-professed “Intellectual Savior of the Masses,” Edge looked to shut him down, proposing that Sandow take on either Bryan or his monstrous cohort in the ring. Though the WWE Tag Team Champions argued over which one of them would have the pleasure of facing him — and Sandow didn’t seem enthused by the prospect at all — SmackDown General Manager Booker T made the definitive call during the break that Sandow, who calls himself “The Martyr,” would battle Kane.

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