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10 Superstars A.W. should bring into his stable

He's the hustle behind the muscle, and A.W. is ready to rustle up some talent to assemble into the slick-talking super-agent's fledgling stable. The enterprising talent representative has already approached Mark Henry and WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico with offers to join his team ( WATCH: A.W. APPROACHES HENRY), but we're sure a showman like A.W. won't be stopping there. Therefore, seeing as even the NFL is having a player draft this weekend, WWE.com decided to bust out our thinking caps and suggest some ring warriors that the super-agent should consider taking into his stable. Here are 10 Superstars who we think A.W. would be wise to offer his services.

10: Kofi Kingston

We know, it's hard to imagine that a Superstar like Kofi, who's consistently winning matches and maneuvering his way into championship pictures, could use the guidance of a slick-talker like A.W. But the high-flying sensation has fallen into a cold streak over the past several weeks. That said, his match against Chris Jericho this past Monday on Raw SuperShow was competitive to the very last second ( WATCH), and there’s something to be said for the idea that Kingston just needs a little push in the right direction. A.W. could take him on as a short-term client, get Kofi back into the main-event picture, and then sever ties amiably. (Then again, if it ain't broke ...)

9: Alex Riley

The WWE Universe has a lot of love for The Miz's former protégé, but A-Ry hasn't hit the strides he made when he challenged for Dolph Ziggler's United States Championship in the summer of 2011. Riley’s latest big opportunity – a No. 2 entry into the Royal Rumble Match – didn't pay as many dividends as he'd like, either, as he was ousted by his former teacher in a matter of minutes. A-Ry is nothing if not positive, though; he always has a smile on his face and he loves to compete. However, pairing him with a smooth operator like A.W. could help him raise his game to the level the WWE Universe knows him to be capable of.

8: The Great Khali

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the WWE Universe is going to be seeing the return of Ranjin Singh anytime soon after his unceremonious ousting by Khali last year. ( BRING HIM BACK! RANJIN SINGH) So, in the absence of his affable brother, The Punjabi Titan could do worse than to sign up with A.W., who would help put a friendly face to the oft-intimidating Khali. Besides, if Khali and A.W. were to join forces, the chances of A.W. commanding the Khali Kiss Cam would increase exponentially.

7: Titus O'Neil & Darren Young

Talk about raw prospects: This dynamic twosome just got called up from WWE NXT, and they've already made a big impact on SmackDown with an impressive, hard-hitting victory over tag-team mainstays The Usos ( WATCH). They've got the charisma, they've got the teamwork, and most importantly, they've got the swagger (their nicknames are "The Big Deal" and "Mr. No-Days-Off," respectively) to suggest that A.W. would be wise to invest in their burgeoning skills.

6: R-Truth

He'd probably have to clear it with Little Jimmy first, but R-Truth, in his quest to return to the main-event picture, should consider letting A.W. draft his services. He seems (happily) much more well-adjusted since running rampant with The Miz as one-half of The Awesome Truth, but the bizarre Superstar could use a bit of that killer instinct back. And even if Truth is content with his current headspace, let A.W. spin it that he's just as much of a wild card as ever. The truth is, an intimidating image goes a long way in WWE.

5: AJ

The girl-next-door image has not done AJ any favors in recent months. She has gone from being Daniel Bryan's human shield to his subservient gal pal to … well, his ex-subservient gal pal ( LIST: 12 DEVASTATING BREAK-UPS IN WWE HISTORY).

Arguably, poor AJ needs not so much a rebound as a rebranding of sorts. This is where A.W. comes in; he can re-label the "Geek Goddess" into a warrior princess, capitalizing off her post-breakup beatdown of Natalya on SmackDown recently ( WATCH) to transform her into the vicious spitfire of the Divas division. Who knows, A.W. could even get her in the ring against Bryan himself when she’s ready, and give her a chance at getting even. Really, who wouldn’t say "Yes!" to that?

4: Ryback

We haven't seen too much of the towering punisher called Ryback, but he presents a unique opportunity for A.W. to take a raw talent and mold him into a true Superstar of the future. Ryback has all the tools necessary to succeed in WWE, and has yet to lose a match. ( STORY: RYBACK'S INFLUENCES) However, he has also yet to compete against the caliber of a John Cena or Randy Orton. A.W., as the so-called "man with the plan," could facilitate such a contest and help groom Ryback as a top-tier prospect. So long as A.W. "feeds him more," it should keep the big guy happy, in any case.

3: Johnny Curtis & Maxine

The scheming power couple of WWE NXT has been looking for a way to get off the show and onto the main WWE roster for some time now. Maxine, in particular, has been willing to wheel and deal her way off to Raw or SmackDown, even going so far as to give GM William Regal a foot massage at ringside in an attempt to curry favor with him. Unfortunately for her, this was while Curtis mistakenly drugged Matt Striker into unconsciousness in the locker room area, so that dampened their plans a bit. (A lot of strange stuff goes on at WWE NXT.) Given that "Dirty Curty" and his gal pal tend to get themselves into more trouble than it’s worth in their attempts to move up the ladder, maybe it's better if they let themselves be courted by someone who can do the dirty work for them.

2: Christian

Captain Charisma was cut down in the height of his main-event run last year by a pair of ill-timed injuries, and his glorious return was cut short when WWE Champion CM Punk Anaconda Vise'd him back to the injured list just before WrestleMania ( WATCH). A.W. could be Christian's ace in the hole and help usher him back into the championship running. Besides, if A.W. is really as good as he says he is, “one more match” shouldn’t be that tall of an order.


1: The Miz

What a roller coaster ride it has been for The Miz in the past year. It was around this time in 2011 that The Awesome One lost the WWE Title to John Cena after a five-month reign that included a main-event victory at WrestleMania XXVII. Since then, things have been up-and-down for the "Cleveland Screamer." He fired his apprentice, Alex Riley, only to be soundly beaten by his former student at Capitol Punishment. His tag team with R-Truth threatened to upend the WWE power structure entirely, but that duo fizzled out after a loss to Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series. Miz ultimately toughed his way through a lengthy losing streak to become the hero of Team Johnny at WrestleMania XXVIII … but has it been enough?

Pair him with A.W., though, and you give Miz two things he needs: stability and positive reinforcement. A.W. could help Miz steer the ship and avoid unnecessary risks. On top of that, Miz had his best run ever with Riley at his side. Though an agent isn't quite an apprentice, The Awesome One does seem to hit his peak when he has someone to support him. A.W. could fulfil that need. He's on the cusp of the main event scene as it is, and Miz's strong showings in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Matches show he has plenty to offer as far as competition goes. He’s low-risk, high-reward: the perfect client.

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