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Bring it Back!: Ranjin Singh

Bring it Back!: Ranjin Singh

While the WWE Universe is glad to see The Great Khali back in action, WWE.com can’t help but notice that there’s something missing these days when it comes to The Punjabi Giant. Known the world over for his unmatched size and strength, Khali is one of the most unique Superstars in WWE history. However, he seems to be lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, and WWE.com knows exactly what, or more accurately, who, that is — Ranjin Singh. ( PHOTOS)

Khali’s older brother and once inseparable mouthpiece, Singh was always there to accompany the giant to the ring and act as the enormous Superstar’s much-needed translator. Singh was in turn entertaining, annoying, supportive and loud and, really, everything a Superstar could hope for in a manager. So WWE.com thinks it’s time that Khali brings back Ranjin Singh!

Debuting at Khali’s side in summer 2007, Ranjin was not immediately well received by the WWE Universe. But like a fine wine, Singh only got better with time and soon enough his introductory phrase, "The Great Khali says ... " began to incite cheers rather than boos from the WWE Universe.

Despite being around for a relatively short period of time, Singh had his share of classic moments. He memorably arm wrestled (and lost to) Hornswoggle on SmackDown, was kidnapped and held hostage by The Big Red Monster Kane and he organized what was, according to Singh, "The Biggest Celebration in the History of the World" after Khali defeated Kane and Batista at The Great American Bash 2007 to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Perhaps Singh’s most-loved contribution to Khali's career, however, was his narration in the wildly popular "Khali Kiss Cam." When that familiar, soulful music filled the arena, fans knew exactly what was coming. A camera would sweep through the WWE Universe and zero in on one lucky lady who would be invited inside the ring. Once there, it was time to pucker up for The Punjabi Playboy, who, as Singh reminded the WWE Universe on a weekly basis, was adored by women all over the world.

The "Khali Kiss Cam" became a beloved WWE tradition, eventually spawning special shows such as "The Music City Edition" in Nashville, where Khali and Singh donned cowboy hats, and a Halloween special that saw Khali make out with a genuine witch.

Another run with Singh by Khali’s side would help make a giant career even bigger. Ranjin’s skills behind the mic would once again provide the exclamation point to the explosive force that is the massive Superstar, and WWE.com thinks Khali could use a "driver" on The Road to WrestleMania.

Despite the high entertainment value of Khali’s relationship with his brother, all things must pass. On the May 27, 2011 episode of SmackDown, Jinder Mahal came between the brothers and drove a seemingly irrevocable spike in their relationship.

While that split also marked the end of Singh’s tenure in WWE, the time seems right for him to return. Great managers are hard to come by, and Ranjin’s unique skill set could certainly help Khali if the brothers decide to reunite.

So, WWE.com says ... Bring back Ranjin Singh!

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