Five WWE Legends that inspired the rise of Ryback

There must be a moment when Ryback’s latest prey knows that their night is about to end disastrously.

Maybe it comes as early as when the fledgling brute steps through the curtain or between the ropes. Maybe making eye contact with the callous combatant is enough to trigger it, or after failing to make Ryback flinch in a match’s opening moments. Perhaps the sense of dread sets in as an unwitting competitor realizes that, despite his years of training and innate talents, he simply cannot stop Ryback’s relentless assault.

The trail of battered opponents left in his wake leaves little to the imagination about how a Ryback bout will end, but where does that treacherous course begin? What motivation feeds this savage beast as he mauls one challenger after another in his pursuit of WWE greatness?

Reviewing the ferocious forefathers of Ryback’s sinister skillset may help unravel the mystery of what makes such a fierce Superstar tick. Take a look at five WWE Legends whose ruthless reputations live within Ryback as he paves a destructive path where mere mortals fear to tread.