World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle def. Undertaker

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February 19, 2006

For over 30 minutes, Undertaker & Kurt Angle threw everything they had at one another in an attempt to win the World Heavyweight Championship. In the end, it was the Olympic Gold Medalist who pinned the Deadman to retain the gold.

Early in the match, the Deadman maintained control by working on Angle's left arm and shoulder. After Undertaker went Old School and hit Snake Eyes, however, Angle managed to escape his grasp by hitting a release German suplex. Angle then sent the Deadman crashing into the retaining barrier outside the ring. Undaunted, the Deadman fought back, running Angle into the ringpost and hitting a vicious legdrop as Angle lay prone across the ring apron.

Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Angle kicked the Deadman's leg out from under him to escape. The champion then went to work on the challenger's leg, setting him up for the Ankle Lock. After managing to send Angle to the floor, Undertaker went for the apron legdrop again, but it was reversed by Angle into the Ankle Lock. Angle released the hold and rolled into the ring to break the count, but went right back to the floor and applied the move again.

Once back inside, Angle went for another Ankle Lock, but Undertaker countered into a Triangle Choke. Angle was then sent to the floor, and the Deadman sent the champion crashing into the timekeeper's table. He then ripped apart the SmackDown announcers' table, preparing to send Angle through it; instead, Angle would end up sending the challenger crashing through the Spanish announcers' table courtesy of an Angle Slam.

It appeared as if Angle would win by countout, but he brought the challenger back into the ring to finish him off. Angle managed to hit a superplex, but the Deadman found a way to come back and set the champion up for a chokeslam. Instead, Angle rolled through, applying the Ankle Lock once again. The Deadman reversed it into a Triangle Choke once more, but the prepared Angle rolled through it, back into the Ankle Lock. After Undertaker escaped, he hit the champion with a chokeslam for a near fall.

Undertaker then set Angle up for the Last Ride, but Angle rolled through it, locking in the Ankle Lock once more. When Undertaker powered out again, Angle nailed him with an Angle Slam, but the Deadman escaped the pinfall attempt. Undertaker then sat up as Angle pulled down the straps, and they slugged it out. The challenger set up for the Tombstone, but after each man reversed the attempt, Angle applied the Ankle Lock for the sixth time in the match. After Undertaker escaped once more, the champion went back to the Angle Slam, but his pinfall attempt was countered into another Triangle Choke.

As Angle lay in the Triangle Choke, referee Nick Patrick checked for a submission. Angle was barely able to keep his arm up on the third try, and with one more burst of energy, Angle shifted his weight and rolled the Deadman over into a jackknife style pinfall. With the challenger still holding the Triangle Choke, Angle was able to hold Undertaker's shoulders down, and Patrick made the three count. After a moment of confusion over who had actually won the match, Angle was announced as the winner and still World Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Undertaker helped Angle up, but backed the champion into the corner. After a brief staredown, the Deadman told Angle that he had his number and wasn't finished with the World Heavyweight Champion yet. A groggy Angle then stared at the angry challenger as the show came to a close.

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