Matt Hardy & Tatanka def. WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (Non-Title Match)

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February 19, 2006

At No Way Out, Matt Hardy took MNM's open challenge, and with Tatanka as his mystery partner, defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions in a non-title match.

Tatanka & Hardy took it to MNM early, as the unknown quantity seemed to catch the champions off guard. MNM was able to regroup, and kept Hardy in their half of the ring for most of the match.

Hardy escaped, making the tag to Tatanka, who hammered the champions with a series of chops. He then sent Mercury to the floor, but Melina's interference allowed Nitro to hit a dropkick off the apron, giving MNM the advantage once more. MNM then did their best to keep Tatanka away from his partner, but the Native American warrior was able to catch Nitro with a clothesline and tag in Hardy.

Once Hardy returned, he & Tatanka cleaned house. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate on Mercury, but walked into a superkick from Nitro. Regardless, Hardy was able to tag Tatanka once more, who nailed MNM with a double tomahawk chop from the top rope.  Tatanka then hit a Samoan Drop on Mercury, while Hardy nailed Nitro with the Twist of Fate. Tatanka then pinned Mercury, earning the surprising victory for the first-time partners.

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