JBL def. Bobby Lashley

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February 19, 2006

Several weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown, Lashley picked up a victory over JBL. Thanks to a little help from Finlay, JBL got his revenge at No Way Out, defeating Lashley to end the newcomer's impressive undefeated streak.

Before the match started, Lashley came out to prevent Finlay from attacking Kristal. As the two fought, JBL made his way to the ring, looking to take advantage of the situation. Lashley shrugged Finlay off, however, and took it to JBL in the early going.

JBL took control of the match by sending Lashley to the steel stairs, and tried to wear down his opponent with a sleeperhold. Finally, Lashley caught JBL coming off the top rope, powerslamming the self-proclaimed Wrestling God to regain the advantage.

After a series of belly-to-belly suplexes, Lashley appeared to have the match won when Finlay returned to ringside. Finlay grabbed ring announcer Tony Chimel and threw him in the ring, diverting the attention of the referee. With his the referee's back turned, Finlay grabbed his shillelagh and nailed Lashley in the head. One Clothesline From Hell later, JBL stood victorious and Lashley's undefeated streak was history.  

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